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"Professor Oweiss' book recounts in clear prose the story of an active and productive life lived largely in two different cultures-Egyptian (and Middle Eastern) and American. The reader will meet many interesting personages-well known and not well known-across seven decades of important changes in the world. Ibrahim Oweiss has lived quite a life."-Carol Lancaster, Dean of the School of Foreign Service and Professor of Politics, Georgetown University.Ibrahim M. Oweiss is an educator and an international economic advisor. Born in Egypt, he earned his masters and Ph.D. degrees in the US. As a Professor of Economics, he taught at Georgetown University for forty two years. While on leave from academia, he was appointed First Under-Secretary for Economic Affairs in the Egyptian Cabinet. He also served as the Chief of the Egyptian Economic Mission to the US with rank of Ambassador. He authored over sixty scholarly publications, among them: Petrodollar Surpluses, Arab Civilization, The Political Economy of Contemporary Egypt, and The Arab Gulf Economies. He coined the terms "Petrodollar" and "Hostage Capital" in 1974. The "Oweiss Demand Curve" was first presented at Oxford University in 1982. He holds Egypt's Order of Merit, First Class, among other decorations.
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