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Through the twists and turns of life, author Joana Okudzeto Biekro has been overwhelmed by the amazing grace of God. In Lost and Found, she offers her love story with God, a documentation of Gods goodness in the simple life of an African child from Ghana. Narrating a story of adversity and triumph, Joana shares the challenges she and her family faced including losing her father when she was just three years old. From near-death situations to dealing with a learning disability, she tells how the grace of God guided her and sent the right people into her life at the right times. She shares the story of how she became lost in her journey from Africa to the United States but found her way through her relationship with God. A wake-up call for the salvation of souls, Lost and Found unravels the amazing saving grace of Godfrom a place of death to one of life, from a place of being lost to a place of being found.

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